Monday, September 5, 2011

Back in the game...

I’ve been doing a little housekeeping on the QDF site, gearing up for our next Young Champions Heart Screening, trying to keep my head above water by mashing out “to-do’s” to prepare for the onslaught of pre-event preparation tasks.  It’s exciting to think that in such a short period of time, our community has rallied around Quinn’s legacy and we’re ready to conduct our 3rd public screening event.  Moreover, I’m excited to “get back in the game” and take on, what many consider a public health crisis surrounding the sheer number of sudden cardiac arrests our youths suffer in this country.

Although we’ve been pretty quiet this summer at the QDF, a number of exciting initiatives are shaping up to protect our kids against the silent killer we call SCA.  We had the opportunity to travel to Madison Wisconsin over the summer and present our Young Champions Heart Screening Clinics to a group at the University of Wisconsin Medical School and to a prominent health care cooperative.  From that meeting, I am happy to report that screenings have begun in that community and there appears to be a great sense of momentum on both the medical side and from a very conspicuous national organization.  Words cannot express how grateful I am that another community has adopted the vision and is well on their way to protect their greatest asset, children.

The screening that is taking place on October 8th is going to be part of a national effort called “Screens Across America”.  The QDF is one of a handful of community based organizations conducting screenings in the month of October to raise awareness on a national basis.  I am proud to say that our community is taking a leadership role in the promotion of cardiac screenings!  A special thanks to all the volunteers, contributors and medical teams who are making this happen.

I encourage all of you to register your kids for a Young Champions Heart Screening or refer a friend or family member for the October 8th screening.  You can learn more by visiting the Community page on the Quinn Driscoll Foundation site. 

Know your family health history, understand the signs and symptoms of potential cardiac issues, ask your physician for a routine cardiac screen, learn CPR and how to administer an AED. 


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